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We supply Call Center software and Service Desk solutions in the cloud. 1ServiceDesk is web-based so your agents, support technicians, and customers all access the system via the internet, email, and mobile text. With 1ServiceDesk, you capture queries, or allow your clients to raise service requests. You use the system to track, escalate, monitor, and report on all service requests. For more information please see below, or try the demo. Contact me for the password.


There is no purchase fee, development cost or implementation cost. 1ServiceDesk is licensed to you for a flat monthly fee, for unlimited users. The monthly license fee is 5,000 ZAR, 300 Euros, or 360 USD. There is no fixed or minimum contract period. Initial branding of the system, training, and minor changes are done at no additional cost. thereafter major changes are charged for.

Trial Period

You may use the standard unmodified system for a trial period, with no obligation to continue. During the trial period, updates and modifications will be kept to a minimum and will exclude items such as dedicated domain names and security certificates.


The system contains all the features you would expect from a cloud based system CRM, including but not limited to: Capturing tickets manually or by automated processing of incoming emails, SLA management, full reporting, outbound emails and SMS's, statistics and graphs, emailing of PDF/Excel reports, and self-administration. The CRM does not include telephony, but can integrate to telephony systems.

Typical usage

The 1ServiceDesk system is mostly used by outsourced call centers / BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). We also have the following types of user: Health clinics, Facilities management, IT Help Desks, and Government call centers dealing with National Health, society development, liquor license boards, etc.

Why choose 1ServiceDesk?

We are a small and globally active company with a limited but select client base. There are no hidden costs. Our systems have a verifiable uptime of better than 99%, and are hosted with a trusted high-availability partner in the UK. But above all, you get personal attention to configure exactly the system you need. Although we start with a base product, we can tailor it specifically to meet your unique needs. No single implementation is the same as another. Initial implementation takes from 2 to 7 days.

Next steps

If you would like to explore further please contact me (Dan) using the contact form and tell me what your need is. I will assess and if we can help, the next step would be for us to meet and discuss your business objectives, and the best way to set up the system for your trial. This would include understanding the query categories you deal with, SLA's you need to meet, the type of information you need to capture, and your reporting requirements. Thereafter I will set up your trial, and train one or more of your users. (This is very quick as the system is intuitive and easy to use).  After your trial period if you want the keep the system on, we can start introducing any larger customisation you might need.

Some of our clients:

Marie Stopes
Marie Stopes Call Center and Booking systems

For Marie Stopes we did a standard call center implementation, and added a clinic booking system and calendar to that.

Each client has a unique implementation to suit their business needs

Syntell Traffic Management

Our Syntell implementation tracks technical problems with speed cameras and traffic lights, and enable traffic police and the Syntell technicians to manage call-outs and repair work. We added on integration to Google maps to show a real-time view of the entire Western Cape with all traffic installations, and their state of working/in-repair..


We implemented 3 separate front-ends for Whirlpool, all connecting to a shared back-end with customer data, and repairs to be managed. We have a technician's portal, which is mobile phone access for the Whirlpool technicians to manage customer visits. There is also a Store's Portal, for the various retailers who stock KIC and WhirlPool products to manage customer requests. And lastly there is the call center portal for agents who deal directly with customers, and manage the requests through to closure.

Capitec Bank

For Capitec, in addition to the standard call center implementation, we added extensive auto processing of inbound emails to automatically create requests into the bank for customers wishing to switch banks. For this client we also implemented a very basic integration to VOIP services, with our partner BizVoip.

Western Cape Government
Western Cape Government

We implemented a full Citizen query and management system, servicing multiple in and outbound call centers for the Western Cape Government. This included integration to Google Maps for a visual display of all cases across the province. It processed short code SMS's for dept of Health, it handled the premiers Office, Society Development, Liquor dept, Education, and more.

British Council
British Council

Handling customer queries on cultural relations, examinations, and educational opportunities.


Customer tracking and servicing.

British Council
British Council

Handling customer queries on cultural relations, examinations, and educational opportunities.

group Five
British Council

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